Floor lamp

For centuries, shale steles extracted from Vila Nova de Fox Côa mines were used as a base for the rows in Douro vineyards.
The uniqueness of each piece, the extended exposition to atmospheric agents, being continuously in contact with mankind, make these elements unique and full of life.
Nowadays, as current regulations call for rows rearrangement, these steles can be reapplied: every piece, hand-milled on the back side, reveals A LED strip along it’s lenght.
Held by a stone pedestal, Monolito floor lamp stands with grace and lightness.

Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 190 (height) cm
Weight: about 25 Kg


All ApretApedrA items have a two year warranty that activates on the purchase date.
ApretApedrA reserves the right to decide whether to repair free of charge or replace the product in case of warranty enforcement.
The warranty does not cover damages due to the wear of time, inappropriate use or caused by the owner or a third party.

No maintenance or particular care required. For indoor purpose.
Due to the extended exposition to atmospheric agents, each schist aspect or colouring may vary.
Combined to the typical shape of each stone extracted from the cave, this makes each item unique and inimitable.

Each product is certified by a unique number, and registered by ApretApedrA.
Each set is numbered according to its date of manufacturing.
It is therefore.