ApretApedrA Collection

ApretApedrA addresses to unique residences, where quality plays a main role in everyday life.

A collection which promotes style by matching simplicity and flexibility, emotion and accuracy, passion and design, to make your appetizers, dinners, and moment shared with the beloved unique and inimitable, just like ApretApedrA products.

By a rational and respectful manufacturing of original supports, ApretApedrA items preserve and convey the emotional experience of genuine slate shales, once used to pull the rows of vineyards in the Douro region and cleverly re-designed in the name of the emotional state everyday objects are supposed to transmit.

Let yourself be fascinated with Marcadores, perfect-geometry underplates that make your table even more special; blackboard Lousa, standing for a less and less prevailing essential, genuine communication; floor lamp Monolito, totemic light and inspiration source; cutting board Tábua, functional horizon for your dishes: live ApretApedrA.