Designed by architect

Christian Rivola

Architect and designer

Graduated in architecture from the “Scuola Universitaria Professionale” in Lugano, in 1995, Christian Rivola earned Master of Architecture at SCI-arc, Los Angeles, in 1998. After a few brief collaborations in engineering and architectural firms, he took charge of his first projects. He committed to working on interior design, pre-existences conversion and developing new public and private settlements, while practicing teaching as a parallel activity. His predilection for territory challenged him, already at the time of his Master’s thesis, with the territorial reorganization of a region in Ticino. As a result, he is often given specific assignments by municipalities and local regions. That activity, together with Design, portraits him as an authentic “all rounder”.

Pursuant to the idea of designing everyday objects, architect Christian Rivola, struck by the inspiration of a magical place like the Douro, wanted to design a collection that best represented the encounter between two different realities, symbolically deep-seated in collective imagination: on one hand the cultural aspect of southern Europe and, in particular, of Portugal, as a natural, genuine, exciting element; on the other the expertise, dedication and accuracy typical of Central European industry, and, in the matter in question, of Switzerland. Here’s a collection resulting from the union of natural elements, slate schist and oak wood, and technological and construction elements, such as magnets, LEDs and steel, all in the name of the globally acclaimed “Swiss know-how”.

“A design object is the result of the common effort of several people and their own technical, industrial, commercial and aesthetic competences. Designers’ task is to expressively synthesize such a complex teamwork. What characterizes design is just the continuous collaboration between these different professionals, from the businessman to the last of the workmen”

Achille Castiglioni, architect and designer